Electronic ballasts are an essential component of an ultraviolet system and it can be difficult to determine which ballasts are best configured to keep the electrical aspects of the system stable but also to get peak performance and efficiency out of the UV lamps. Electronic ballasts convert the incoming 50 Hz power (240 volts) to high-frequency AC (usually 20 to 40 kHz). This leads to a constant gas discharge compared to conventional ballasts and prevents cathode flicker. Electronic ballasts are more efficient than magnetic ballasts in converting input power to the proper lamp power. The operation of low pressure, amalgam ultraviolet UV lamps at higher frequencies reduces end losses, resulting in an overall lamp-ballast system efficiency increase of 15% to 20%. Electronic ballasts are directly interchangeable with magnetic ballasts. They operate with most ultraviolet UV lamps available. Special electronic ballasts can operate two or four lamps reducing the total number of ballasts in a system. This also reduces installation and field wiring costs. Other advantages are reduced weight, less heat and noiseless operation and reduced lamp flicker. UVC Spectrum takes pride in helping clients decide which ballasts best match their UV lamps.

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