At UVC Spectrum, we work together with our original equipment manufacturer clients in producing their proprietary lamps and helping to maintain their replacement lamp market. Proprietary and patented lamps can be special ordered to match unique systems and help to develop brand recognition in the marketplace. Our state of the art manufacturing facilities have the capability to provide our customers with a very broad set of customizable parameters. We can provide lamps from T5 to T12 sized diameters, and at lengths from 100 mm to 2000 mm. We offer a broad range of ceramic bases, including standard 4-pin, slimline, and medium- and mini- bi-pin. We are also happy to work with our customers in providing custom bases upon request. And with a vast array of different cathode configurations at our disposal, we take pride in helping our customers engineer the best possible solutions for their specific applications. A proprietary customized lamp also allows for greater flexibility in system design, because the system does not have to be designed around the lamp, but rather the two can be designed together as a whole.

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