Original Part Number UVC Spectrum Part Number Send Request
16676 E036-0004 send
16677 E036-0010 send
16678 E036-0006 send
16679 E036-0012 send
17491LM E036-0013 send
17498 E036-0018 send
17820 E036-0026 send
17998LM E036-0017 send
18024 E036-0025 send
18059 E036-0015 send
18060 E036-0019 send
18061 E036-0020 send
18062 E036-0016 send
18063 E036-0014 send
18197 E036-0022 send
18198 E036-0021 send
18950 E036-0023 send
18951 E036-0027 send
18952 E036-0024 send
18953 E036-0028 send
3084 E036-0001 send
3084LM E036-0003 send
3087 E036-0005 send
3089 E036-0002 send
3095 E036-0011 send
3098 E036-0007 send
3098LM E036-0008 send
3099 E036-0009 send
CREAM-L E036-0031 send
GOLD-L E036-0029 send
SILVER-L E036-0030 send
TAN-L E036-0032 send



Replacement for Aquafine GOLD-L UV Lamp

Aquafine® has not sponsored, endorsed or approved this or any other UVC Spectrum replacement lamp

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