Original Part Number UVC Spectrum Part Number Send Request
TUV 130W XPT E036-0075 send
TUV 180W XPT E036-0076 send
TUV 200W XPT E036-0077 send
TUV 230W XPT WE E036-0071 send
TUV 260W DIM XPT E036-0072 send
TUV 325W XPT HO E036-0079 send
TUV 325W XPT E036-0078 send
TUV 330W XPT E036-0080 send
TUV 335W WP XPT SE E036-0074 send
TUV 335W XPT SE E036-0073 send



Replacement for Philips TUV 130W XPT UV Lamp

Philips® has not sponsored, endorsed or approved this or any other UVC Spectrum replacement lamp

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