Original Part Number UVC Spectrum Part Number
S100RL-HO E036-0097
S150RL-HO E036-0098
S200RL-HO E036-0099
S212RL E036-0100
S287RL E036-0101
S320RL-HO E036-0102
S330RL E036-0103
S36RL E036-0104
S36RL-AM E036-0105
S410RL-HO E036-0106
S463RL E036-0107
S600RL-HO E036-0108
S64RL E036-0109
S64RL-AM E036-0110
S740RL-HO E036-0111
S810RL E036-0112
S8RL E036-0113
S950RL-HO E036-0114



Replacement for R-Can / Sterilight / Viqua S320RL-HO UV Lamp

R-Can Sterilight Viqua® has not sponsored, endorsed or approved this or any other UVC Spectrum replacement lamp

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