Model Number Product Type
33309 TAK55 Quartz Sleeve
37913 XLR30 Quartz Sleeve
41053 Ecoray ELR30-1 Quartz Sleeve
Ecoray® ELR 30 Amalgam
Ecoray® ELR 30-1 Amalgam
Ecoray® ELR 60 Amalgam
Ecoray® SLR 32143 Amalgam
Ecoray® VLR 60-1 Amalgam
Ecoray® XLR 60 D Amalgam
NLR 1520 Standard
NLR 1825WS Standard
NLR 1845WS Standard
NLR 1880WS Standard
REX HO 120W Standard
SLR 2048 Amalgam
SLR 25100 Amalgam
SLR 25113 Amalgam
SLR 25113-IQ Amalgam
SLR 25113V Amalgam
SLR 25143 Amalgam
SLR 25143V Amalgam
SLR 2581 Amalgam
SLR 2581V Amalgam
SLR 32143 Amalgam
SLR 32143 HP Amalgam
WLR 30 Amalgam
XLR 10 Standard
XLR 20 Standard
XLR 30 Amalgam
XLR 30-IQ Amalgam
XLR 5 Standard



Equivalent Replacement for Wedeco 33309 TAK55 UV Lamp


Corresponding Systems:

Wedeco TAK55


Alternate Product Numbers:

UV Doctor 1621, UV Doctor UVDRX-1621, Wedeco 33309, Wedeco EcoRay ELR 30, Wedeco SLR32143, Wedeco SLR32143HP, Wedeco Wedeco W33309



This is a UVC Spectrum produced Wedeco 33309 TAK55 equivalent replacement quartz sleeve. Compatibility is guaranteed with all UV equipment requiring the original 33309 TAK55 quartz sleeve.

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