Original Part Number UVC Spectrum Part Number Send Request
Ecoray® ELR30 E036-0157 send
Ecoray® ELR30-1 E036-0158 send
Ecoray® SLR32143 E036-0159 send
NLR 1520 E036-0156 send
NLR1825WS E036-0142 send
NLR1845WS E036-0143 send
NLR1880WS E036-0144 send
REX HO 120W E036-0145 send
SLR 2581 E036-0151 send
SLR 2581V E036-0153 send
SLR2048 E036-0149 send
SLR25100 E036-0150 send
SLR25113 E036-0148 send
SLR25113V E036-0152 send
SLR25143 E036-0160 send
SLR25143V E036-0161 send
SLR32143 HP E036-0147 send
SLR32143 E036-0146 send
WLR30 E036-0155 send
XLR 10 E036-0139 send
XLR 20 E036-0140 send
XLR 5 E036-0141 send
XLR30 E036-0138 send



Replacement for Wedeco Ecoray® ELR30 UV Lamp

Wedeco® has not sponsored, endorsed or approved this or any other UVC Spectrum replacement lamp

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