Model Number Product Type
K-140 Amalgam
K-40 Standard
K-64 Standard



Equivalent Replacement for Katadyn K-140 UV Lamp


Corresponding Systems:

Katadyn VA-4 Katadyn VA-2-160 (K-140) Katadyn VA-6-350 (K-140) Katadyn VA-8-350 (K140) Katadyn TA-100 Katadyn TA-150 Katadyn VA-10-400 (K-140) Katadyn VA-12-450 (K-140) Katadyn VA-16-500 (K140) Katadyn VA-20-700 (K140) Katadyn VA-28-700 (K140) Katadyn VA-2G-250 (K140) Katadyn VA-3-320 (K-140) Katadyn VA-4-320 (K-140)



This is a UVC Spectrum produced Katadyn K-140 equivalent replacement lamp. Compatibility is guaranteed with all UV equipment requiring the original K-140 lamp.

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