Model Number Product Type
DB 300 Amalgam
DB 300H Amalgam
DB 300H-2 Amalgam
DB 300V Amalgam
DB 350 Amalgam
DB 350-2 Amalgam
DB 350V Amalgam
DB 350VL Amalgam
DB 500 Amalgam
DB 500-2 Amalgam
DB 500V Amalgam
DB 500VL Amalgam
DB 700HO Amalgam
DB 700HO-32 Amalgam
DB 700HO-32VL Amalgam



Equivalent Replacement for LIT DB 500 UV Lamp


Corresponding Systems:

LIT DUV-3A500HO-N, LIT DUV-4A500HO-N, LIT DUV-5A500HO-N, LIT DUV-6A500HO-N, LIT DUV-7A500HO-N, LIT DUV-9A500HO-N, LIT DUV-12A500HO-N, LIT DUV-15A500HO-N, LIT DUV-18A500HO-N, LIT DUV-21A500HO-N, LIT DUV-24A500HO-N, LIT DUV-30A500HO-N, LIT DUV-36A500HO-N, UV Strike UV-ST6B, UV Strike UV-ST7B, UV Strike UV-ST9B, UV Strike UV-ST12B, UV Strike UV-ST15B, UV Strike UV-ST18B, UV Strike UV-ST21, UV Strike UV-ST24, UV Strike UV-30, UV Strike UV-ST36



This is a UVC Spectrum produced LIT DB500 equivalent replacement lamp. Compatibility is guaranteed with all UV equipment requiring the original DB500 lamp.

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