Model Number Product Type
302317 Standard
302417 Standard
302418 Standard
302509 Amalgam
600010 Standard
600080 Standard
Trojan 602141 / UV708 Cell (Lamp/Quartz Combo)
602805 Standard
602806 Standard
602807 Standard
602854 Amalgam
602855 Amalgam
602856 Amalgam
650137 Amalgam
650138 Amalgam
Trojan 650138 / UV750 Cell (Lamp/Quartz Combo)
650139 Amalgam
650140 Amalgam
793010 Amalgam
793024 UV Swift Quartz Sleeve
793923 Amalgam
794113 Amalgam
794447-0GN Amalgam
794447-OYW Amalgam
UV Logic AL Quartz Sleeve
UV Swift SCD Quartz Sleeve
UV3614 Standard
UVLogic Series AL Amalgam
UVLogic Series AM Amalgam
UVLogic Series AS Amalgam



Equivalent Replacement for Trojan UVLogic Series AL UV Lamp


Corresponding Systems:

Trojan UV Technologies UV 3000 PLUS


Alternate Product Numbers:

Trojan UV Technologies 302509, Trojan UV Technologies 794447-OGN, Trojan UV Technologies 794447-OSM



This is a UVC Spectrum produced Trojan UVLogic Series AL equivalent replacement lamp. Compatibility is guaranteed with all UV equipment requiring the original UVLogic Series AL lamp.

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