Model Number Product Type
16676 Standard
16677 Standard
16678 Standard
16679 Standard
17491LM Standard
17498 Standard
17820 Standard
17998LM Standard
18024 Standard
18059 Standard
18061 Standard
18062 Standard
18063 Standard
18197 Standard
18198 Standard
18950 Standard
18951 Standard
18952 Standard
18953 Standard
3084 Standard
3084LM Standard
3087 Standard
3089 Standard
3095 Standard
3098 Standard
3098LM Standard
3099 Standard
CREAM-L Standard
GOLD-L Standard
SILVER-L Standard
TAN-L Standard



Equivalent Replacement for Aquafine 3098LM UV Lamp


Corresponding Systems:

Aquafine CSL-8R/60,CSL-10R/60, CSL-12R/60, CSL-16R/60, CSL-20R/60, CSL-24R/60, RBE-8R60, RBE-10R60, RBE-12R60, RBE-16R60, RBE-20R60, RBE-22R60


Alternate Product Numbers:

Aquafine W2T169649, Evoqua Water Technologies LLC W2T836557, Ster-L-Ray 05-2338-R, Atlantic Ultraviolet 05-2338-R



This is a UVC Spectrum produced Aquafine 3098LM equivalent replacement lamp. Compatibility is guaranteed with all UV equipment requiring the original 3098LM lamp.

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